Mobile App Development

Gain customer loyalty

Business owners are fast learning the neccessity of making their business mobile friendly. With an app you can instantly send push alerts to your clients mobile device attracting new deals and offers to them instantly. Imagine instantly pushing alerts about the latest limited time deal, offer or voucher. Instant messaging is so much faster than email newsletters, imagine pushing notifications or updates to your clients iphone in a matter of seconds.

We build Apps that are not only beautiful to look at they also super easy to understand and use. Loyalty cards are so out of date! Anything on a loyalty card can now be done on your phone.

We also build custom made business apps that have functionality specific to you business or production line... do away with the paper trail!


brief1. Construction Brief

We organise a meeting or some form of communication in which we discuss your requirements with an App consultant. From the briefing we gather all the important information we need to build the app. That includes design, App features and functionality.


2. Functionality Compositionssketch

Before we build the App we configure some compositions on how the App would work illustrated in diagraphic way on how the App will work. 




3. Design

The next step is to start designing the look and feel of the App, initially this is done with the main splash page and a few internal pages. We work towards getting strong result in terms of design and user experience, making sure you the client, are happy also with the end result.


construct4. App construction 

The next step is the nuts and bolts phase this is where all the hard work of building and constructing the App take place. We make sure all the functionality and testing works great.



publish5. Publishing your App

Now all the work is done the next phase is to submit the App to the distribution channels like Apple and Android so your customers can download the App from there stores and you can start earning money!


App Demo

Test this fun Byte created app below (use your mouse like your finger)